Long term plan

1/ There are two principal mechanisms for ensuring that this NFT project is funded into the long are engaging with the projects that are being offered, we should see the space grow in offerings.
2/ To ensure this, we have plans to bring more functionalities to these NFT’s over time (this will be discussed in future papers), and by ensuring that our platform is always evolving to meet up with the current state of the market.
3/ The second is by ensuring we are able to provide an income through both the selling of the ongoing construction and maintenance of the platform.
4/ Furthermore, by creating a focus on un-launched projects, we also intend to keep the offerings in large part.
Conclusion : We will be releasing ongoing vaults to support our NFT, with a focus on new and upcoming projects. We will also be releasing several collections to allow a larger user base a point of entry into our ecosystem. We are very excited for what the future has to bring with respect to our NFT’s, and would like to thank the community for giving us the opportunity to explore this new intersection!
Last modified 9mo ago